So Long the Road.

I haven’t been writing. Some sorta block, I guess. I’ve been on adventures. The sort where you come back to a sense of rediscovery and peace, and maybe some misunderstood chaos of the heart. I’ve been looking after myself, trying new medicines and therapies, which are working far better than anything else that has been thrown at me. I’ve met new faces, seen new places, learned new things… As odd as it feels to say, I have been happy, and I still am. I could thank two particular people over and over and over again, but I think they’re getting sick of my constant thanking, as if I have stuck my gratitude and politeness setting all the way on high. I promise I haven’t – I’m just not used to the idea of being cared about, or very good at accepting it. Another thing I should learn to stop saying.

“I’m not used to this.”


And on that note, I bid thee farewell. I am closing and archiving this blog.

I have reached a point in my life where I must move away from past traumas, heartache, and the chaos of the last 2 years. All of my words, images, dreams, thoughts, feelings; they will be put away, left to sleep, into a shoebox hidden in a mental cupboard and left to collect dust.


It’s been a long road. One I am glad I walked down.


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